High Country Ranch Ride is
located in the northwest corner of
Nebraska  near Crawford,  just a
five-hour drive from Denver and
only two hours from Interstates 80,
90, and 25.
The beautiful Pine Ridge provides
the scenery for our trail rides.  Pine
hills, bluffs, canyons and creek
bottoms form unique trail riding
opportunities while whitetail and are
often encountered along the trails.
Your one-stop horseback vacation

                  2010 SCHEDULED RIDES:
                                  June 19  Ride the Ridge
                            June 20 Fathers' Day Trail Ride
                                  October 3  Annual Fall Ride

BRING YOUR OWN HORSE and ride the trails in the Land of Crazy Horse
on unique, fully guided trail rides through the beautiful Pine Ridge area of
Northwestern Nebraska.  Near Fort Robinson and only a few hours from
Denver you can experience history, scenery and wildlife in a setting not
available to the general public.

WHAT TO EXPECT:  We can design a trail ride to your specifications, or
you can come along on one of our scheduled trail rides.  Bunkhouse style
housing with hot showers, towels and bedding is available for overnight
guests. Small, secure pastures and corrals are provided for horses. Hearty
breakfasts, lunches on the trail, and delicious Dutch oven suppers can all
be included in your trail ride package.  In the evenings you will be treated
to cowboy poetry, storytelling, local history and homespun musical
entertainment or take a sunset or moonlight ride.

WHAT TO BRING:  Trail riders will furnish their own horses, tack, horse
hay and feed, rain gear, and water bottle or canteen.  Because of safety
concerns, no lug-soled boots or shoes, please, and don't forget your
camera.  Depending on the nature and numbers of pets, riders may be
asked to leave their pets at ranch headquarters.  All riders will be asked to
sign a liability waiver. We are sorry, but liability issues prevent us from
renting horses.

THE TRAIL: Three ranchers are offering their private properties for these
into canyons and creek bottoms.  This is a remote area, and though dirt
roads may be crossed, very little of the trail will be along roads.  Horses
should be willing to cross streams and tolerate slickers in case of rain.
Although experienced riders will enjoy all of our trails, more timid riders
will not be challenged beyond their capabilities.

WAGON RIDES:  In nearly every group there are a few who don't
especially enjoy horseback riding or who don't have a horse.  These guests
need not be left behind, and though the wagon may not travel the same
trails, the ride will be enjoyable.
Betsy and Babe, a team of
Percheron mares, will take a
wagon load of guests on a scenic
ride and bring lunch to riders.
Dutch oven suppers are a specialty
of High Country Ranch Rides.  
Everything from sourdough bread
to apple pie is baked in Dutch
ovens over a campfire.
WARNING:  Under Nebraska law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the     
inherent risks of equine activities pursuant to Nebraska Statutes 25-21, 249 to 25-21, 253.
High Country Ranch Ride, LLC of Nebraska is a multi-member Limited Liability Company.
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